Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday is the day when most of our village sales are held. This one wasn't in the adverts until the  last minute. I saw a poster at the supermarket. It's always a real treat to attend especially when the village is so lovely The setting too, beautiful, set on the side of a gentle undulating valley. It has lots of lovely old stone rendered cottages, a great old mill building, still with the old pulleys and original doors. The streets are narrow with an open square. There are even the old Arab style toilets. Below is a 'Tube' like mine, but this one goes. The guy said he may have a front grill which mine is missing. I am also missing a window screen. My screen is the newer non split variety. The lights seem to be the same as a 2CV of which we have. There was a list of 'charcuterie' and prices from when this little truck may have been used as a little shop.

Inside of the little truck. It has a sliding side door.Wheel arches that you can sit on  and this one like mine has the one big door to open up the back, hinged at the bottom for the cows to walk up. I think it's a Betaillier. Or if you wish sliding up large pieces of furniture. This one belongs to Roger La Brocante.

I bought a little cheese strainer from this stall. I shall photograph it later. I like the little cottage behind in traditional colours. The glass above the door and doorway in the roof is typical of the area.

I love looking in boxes on the floor, rummaging. I found a pair of  old secateurs and a copper pot stand here. A lot of lace too, unpicked from old clothes.

I have been looking for a weaving loom for sometime, mostly on ebay. I found one at the sale, boxed, never been used. A perfect starter one. I have already managed a small woven tiny rug from garden string and thick wool.

Friday, 8 June 2012

It's been a funny May. The rain has been here more so than usual, like good old blighty with it's Icelandic weather. Today we went out to Autun to look at the market among other things. I love the 23 mile journey there too with the verges brimming with flowers. I have discovered a big wholefood shop close to Atac the supermarket if you ever go I recommend it. It has a huge variety of things. I am able to buy wholegrain rice again in brown paper bags, Yogi tea and Ecover delicates wash. It has wonderful bread and organic veggies. Then I had a little look in Emaus and bought 3 stripey french Picasso t-shirts all for less than 5 euros. I had a walk up to Morvan Broc, it always has the most wonderful things in there. A man was there choosing something, maybe jewelery from a large tray. I asked to photograph the above. I'd loved to have bought it really. Then the chair below for less than the above. It's slightly wider slats than mine and wonderful colour now makes me feel I should have gone for it.

This is my new bag I bought it from a lovely lady who popped in some bits of lace for a little cadeaux. The bag was only 2 euros so it was a sweet gift. I had to go for a bit of stitchery to keep the big studdy badge on proper. I am a very happy keeper of this bag now. It doesn't look big but it seems to hold a fine amount of things.

I bought matchboxes because the man in Morvan Broc let me go ahead and photo things.

Bocaux. I have a few of these now. They weigh a lot,  handblown into a mold and you can still buy the seals at every supermarket in all sorts of sizes.
This I did not buy. Foxes are fascinating creatures. I saw this at a brocante.

So this is why I have not been so busy with the brocantes. It's often a bit rainy. I bought Tupperware from this lady. All plastic boxey things seem a bit expensive in France so it's good to go vintage and buy the stuff my mother also used.