Sunday, 12 June 2011

Linen and Hemp

This piece is much coarser and off white. It is made from hemp, handspun.

Vintage Wallpaper

I bought vintage wallpapers today. They are block printed, French and were once gracing walls of hotels. Many are 1930s some are C19th. This is just a taste. If you are interested I am thinking of selling some. There is enough to wallpaper a very small room in some cases,like a loo or just a wall, like a bedroom wall behind the bed head. Other designs are only available in smaller pieces suitable for crafts, collage, framed or hung as single strips. The colours are surprisingly strong as you can see in the images. Many of the rolls are slightly squashed, not folded  with creases but with warpage that will fall out if stuck to a support. As the wallpaper is hand printed there is a little blurring where the paint was sometimes wet before the next layer was printed over. They are very attractive pieces on thinner paper than is used now for wallpaper but still thicker than everyday paper and the paper is not white. It's as in the top image and background colour in the one below.