Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jam jars in small medium and large they are thick and heavy. The  large ones have 10 facets.  I like to re-purpose things, as we do. Traditionally they were sealed with a layer of paraffin and covered with cloth tops tied on. They just have a lip no screw tops.

I bought a large bag of darning thread on  great old cards.

This I understand is for fish I imagine it's something that you lower in the water and the sprung  lid above the bottom  compartment must be there to stop escapees.It's an intriguing object that I will use probably for drying herbs. 

Wooden boxes I will reuse for display after I paint and distress a bit. 

Handmade jacket with bone buttons. I have been wearing it  since I bought it last week. I don't think I have bought any new clothes at all for a year, maybe some knickers. I have found some wool for socks and then I found already knitted socks, very finely knit. I think, although I really like knitting it does get in the way of painting somewhat.

I also managed to find this large piece of ticking or mattress covering. It's a grey green  with a few darns and discolourations. I just have it on my project shelf at the moment so I can come up with something to do with it. I am tempted to make a skirt or dress.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Fauteuil, or a chair for lounging! I think this one is probably an Arts and Crafts equivalent. I have been looking  for one for a while. It's not a really old one. Ideally I am looking for one with turned legs and rounder. I like the top on this one and the attempt at curves on the arms. It goes a little way to make up for a 2 seater sofa I left behind in England bought for £2 from the Auctions at Kidderminster. I used to visit Kidderminster Auctions before the livestock market was demolished. I had a small van and would get up extra early to try and make the outdoor auction of the things that were deemed too lowly for the Auction House. If nobody wanted the things it went into a big skip. I managed to find some wonderful things there and because many of the buyers were after old T.Vs or things they could sell at Boot sales. I picked up all sorts; early Vogues, Belling oven, a sofa . There was also a carpet sale and a plant sale. I worked in a couple of gardens at the time and so I could also buy cheap plants to sell to my clients. Anyway I digress someone just came in and said those are nice photos but they don't really do justice to the chair! I bought this one today.

I bought all these things from the same person as I bought the chair from.

I love these cream jugs and find it unbelievable that the lids are still intact.