Monday, 22 August 2011

I have started to look out for small pieces like this. There is often a box  full when I go brocanting and each one is a small work of art. I think a collection could be the beginnings of an interesting project. At the moment I am happy to handle them. I was wondering about making clothes and using the pieces as additions to simple tops or dresses. 

This old grain sack I picked up in Tamsay. I walked the length of a very long street amongst crowds of people looking through endless stalls on a Bank Holiday. I'm always glad I make the effort as I love wandering amongst the old cottages in villages I am more familiar with passing through by car. I love this old sack it has found a use as a cover for a big bolster. It may become a door stop but for the time being it is being used as an occasional cushion.

This I picked out because the needlepoint could've been created by my grandmother who seemed  always  to have a project of this kind in the making. I love the colours against the rich brown background.