Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jam jars in small medium and large they are thick and heavy. The  large ones have 10 facets.  I like to re-purpose things, as we do. Traditionally they were sealed with a layer of paraffin and covered with cloth tops tied on. They just have a lip no screw tops.

I bought a large bag of darning thread on  great old cards.

This I understand is for fish I imagine it's something that you lower in the water and the sprung  lid above the bottom  compartment must be there to stop escapees.It's an intriguing object that I will use probably for drying herbs. 

Wooden boxes I will reuse for display after I paint and distress a bit. 

Handmade jacket with bone buttons. I have been wearing it  since I bought it last week. I don't think I have bought any new clothes at all for a year, maybe some knickers. I have found some wool for socks and then I found already knitted socks, very finely knit. I think, although I really like knitting it does get in the way of painting somewhat.

I also managed to find this large piece of ticking or mattress covering. It's a grey green  with a few darns and discolourations. I just have it on my project shelf at the moment so I can come up with something to do with it. I am tempted to make a skirt or dress.